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Submitting Photos

Taking your photo

Take your vehicle photo outside in natural daylight, preferably not on an overly sunny or cloudy day.

Or if you have a photo that has been taken by a professional photographer at an event, these should be fine to upload as is.

We recommend avoiding using photos that have been taken inside buildings with a lot of intense, artificial lighting. These can produce a lot of reflections on a vehicle that are tricky to reproduce and affect the overall look of our illustrations.

Take a look at the images at the top of our homepage to see some examples.

We strongly recommend avoiding submitting photos of vehicles doing burnouts, or with too much smoke around them. Smoke can hide a lot of detail and is quite hard to recreate in a way that creates a great looking final image.

Framing the shot

Be sure to get the entire vehicle in the shot, as we can’t recreate any features that are outside of the frame. If possible, give your car a clean beforehand if it’s dirty.

Final checks

Please note: We will use the exact photo that you include with your order to create your artwork. In order to achieve the best results, be sure that your vehicle is clean and that there are no objects obstructing it in the photo.

If we receive a photo that doesn’t meet these guidelines we will usually email you to request a new photo, but during busy periods we may not be able to do this.

It’s your responsibility to provide the correct photo for us to work off of, and that it is of a high quality that you will be happy to have turned into a piece of custom artwork.

Can you add or remove things from my photo for me?

Due to the fast processing time that we aim to uphold, we are unable to do any kind of photo editing in order to manipulate the output of our artists.

If there are objects on your vehicle that you would prefer to not end up in the final piece of art (e.g. a number plate) it is best to remove these before taking your photos.

We do our best to recreate all elements of your vehicle, but things such as decals, stickers and custom paint details may or may not be included – depending on their visibility in the photo, angle of the shot, etc.

If the photo of your vehicle contains small details that are important to you, it is best to include these as reference images when placing your order. You can do this on the product page before adding to cart or checking out.


How are your designs produced?

We have a team of dedicated designers that have the sole responsibility of producing high quality artwork for our customers.

Our artwork is 100% original and created from scratch. Depending on the complexity of the photograph, an image can take up to 4 hours to create.

Printed products are manufactured and shipped from the United States.

Can I change my order after I've paid?

If you contact us within an hour or two after your order is placed, we can usually make a change to your order.

If contact is made after this time, changes may not be possible if our artist has already begun working on your order.

What file type is provided?

We provide high resolution PNG files delivered via email. These are emailed to you once they are ready. If you require a vector file, please email us for more information.

Can I use the image commercially?

Yes you can! All orders include unlimited personal and commercial usage for both printed material and online web use.

Can you print my illustration?

Yes we can. We have a range of products currently available for you to print your illustration on to. Check out our Shop page to see all of these.

What if I don't like the finished artwork?

If you are happy with the quality and style of the examples shown on each product page, it is unlikely that you will be unhappy with your finished image.

However, if this is the case once you have received your order please contact us and we will be happy to revise for you.

Do you offer refunds?

If you contact us within 1-2 hours of making an order, we are happy to refund you, no questions asked.

Due to the custom nature of every order, we are unable to offer refunds once our artists have started on your order.

If you have ordered a physical product and it arrives damaged, or your item is lost in the mail, please contact us and we will be able to sort it out for you.


How do I order a print?

After ordering an illustration, or adding an illustration to your Cart, you can visit the Shop page to order your very own print!

What are shipping times and pricing?

Shipping is calculated on checkout and varies depending on the product and quanity.

Most US orders will be received between 1-2 weeks. International shipping times are highly dependent on the country, and can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Shipping times are shown on the bottom of each product page.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship almost worldwide.

If we are unable to ship to your country you will be unable to checkout and unable to make payment, so there is no risk involved to you if this is the case.

How do I track my order?

After your order has been processed, you will receive an email with your tracking information.

You can input your order number (check the email we sent when you ordered) and email address you used when ordering to track your order here: Order Tracking

If you have having problems tracking your order please send an email to with your order number.

Don’t see your answer?

Ask us anything or click here to track your order: Order Tracking

    If you prefer, you can email us directly at